Chatbots, why include them in your content strategy

Do you know what a ChatBot is? It is a technology that allows the user to have a conversation with a computer program. It can be on a web page, a messaging app, Facebook messenger, slack or even Telegram. They recognize our natural language, perform actions that we entrust to them.


Also, with the artificial intelligence they have, they learn from our tastes and habits. In this way, it offers services and products more and more precisely. One of the advantages of the Chatbots is that they are not downloaded, it is not necessary to update them and they do not take up much space in the phone’s memory.

But how do they work? The Chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence systems, so they have the possibility to learn about our tastes and preferences over time. It is not necessary to have knowledge of artificial code or language, with tools such as or Smooch you can create these simple chats yourself.

Why incorporate the Chatbots in your content strategy?

Known as “Bot” with artificial intelligence software designed to perform a series of tasks on their own and without help from us. These are mainly used to carry out customer service functions, so they can solve a person’s needs. An example is Slack, chatbots help manage tasks related to work, such as expenses or pending tasks.

It’s very simple, you eliminate an interface full of buttons and menus that in the end, the consumer is annoyed and leaves the page. A Chatbot generates immediacy, authenticity, efficiency for the user, getting what you need with just one question.

The Chatbots turn your site into a place where the user can find accessibility, in a comfortable and intuitive way. Natural language interfaces, such as chatbots, are moving fast in the curve of technology adoption.

In order to integrate it into your content strategy, you must know what service you are going to offer, and how it becomes a conversation. When that is clear, a conversational experience is developed, and the personalization of the Bot is even designed. This is to take the user to the conversation that the bot knows and in which it can offer a value.


  • Streamlines processes, chatbots offer automatic responses to users, accurate and effective.

  • They offer low costs, chatbots can solve problems and questions of information, sales and purchase.

  • Know the customer objectively, The chatbots are trained according to the information they receive from the user. Thanks to the company’s data, they can identify the target customer.

  • Reputation, Thanks to good service, the customer performs word-of-mouth advertising for the company.

  • Easy implementation, Many are developed to integrate to the platform. So users should not download anything or follow any process that is cumbersome for them.

Of course, this design must be accompanied by content strategies for Chatbots, in order to achieve a value interaction for the user. These conversations open new possibilities for interaction with the client.

Must have Chatbots suporting your Inbound Marketing Initiatives. What do you expect to use on your site? Integrate them and see the wonders that offer you to integrate it into your content strategy.


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