Influencer Marketing Benefits in 2020

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Nowadays there are many terms in the digital world and one of those is the “Influencer Marketing”. Known in Spanish as “Marketing de Influyentes”. It is not new at all, it has been with different names for a long time. It can generate sales, generate unmatched profits, growth and equity results for brands.

Influencer Marketing

In social media people form an image, gaining the trust of their followers and building a small community around them. These go from being simple users in the networks to being influencers among their contacts. They are known as “Influencers”, they help brands reach their audience in a more organic and less aggressive way.

Influenctial Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products through ordinary people to achieve that special connection with the public. What makes it unique today is that anyone can share a message. If he does it right, he can become an Influencer.

Influencer Marketing Benefits

As we have said before, this is not a new term. Many celebrities usually carry a message or are the image of a brand. The difference between that and an influencer, is that he himself, the influencer, is an ordinary person that generates a sentiment of equality in the people.

When a person sees that another does the same, then that person feels affinity almost instantly. This makes it an important and valuable strategy for any brand that wants to see growth. That’s why here we tell you what are the three main benefits of influential Marketing:

It’s Native Advertising

It consists of creating content. Associate media that is not perceived as invasive advertising but manages to interact naturally in the publication.

Branding and Awaerness Growth

It’s a technique that has proven to be 100% effective and is still in development. It is a territory that brands must be willing to take risks and venture into this world. With influencers since 2014 we’ve seen an increase in both profits and reputation. Word of mouth has caused the audience to increase progressively.

Improve Reputation

Many people feel identified with those they follow and when they see they use a product or service, they immediately look for a way to obtain it. It gives people confidence in the brand. Because if the person agreed to sponsor that product, it is because it is really good. This online reputation is beneficial for the company, since nowadays traditional advertising is being badly perceived by the public.

The beginning influencers were found in blogs, nowadays they have moved to the main networks like Instagram and Twitter. This has help the companies since they can manage to create that connection that you don’t have with traditional advertisement / commercial. In social networks they can se what people actually think of the brand.

Influencers have achieved that customers perceive brands in a different way. As something you can take home and show it on your networks. 

The marketing of influencers brings credibility and authority for the brands, making influencers build human connection, closeness and break the barrier of seriousness and coldness that usually exists between users and the company.

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