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The Perfect Customer Lifecycle

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December 26


10:00 AM


The Perfect Customer Lifecycle (PCL) is an ideal end-to-end customer journey, it begins when someone first learns about your company and continues in the relationship with you even after they’ve purchased from you. PCL helps business owners to focus any sales and marketing efforts on eliminating lost traffic, lost leads, and lost customers while providing an amazing customer experience to drive repeat business and referrals.


This webinar will help you look at your business in a new light and it will give you a more clear vision of how you can take your business to new heights. 


Part of the PCL is having a priority path— a nine simple tried-and-true steps you can follow to prioritize your small business’ sales and marketing processes.

Sign up and attend this webinar to get an overview of the priority path, a series of “baby steps” to act on and implement the tactics that are most important to your business..


Who should attend this webinar

Business owners in the following industries: Construction industry business including Architects, General Contractors, Engineers, etc., Also Real Estate, Painters, Cleaning Companies, Home Service Providers, and any other business owner looking to get a competitive advantage and double digit growth.

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