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Below you will find some of the most common questions we usually get along with a bit extra info we confider you should know when doing business with us

You Are Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


You Are Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Frequently asked questions

About the Cost

How much does it cost?
A lot. It’s a significant relationship. It takes more than money to do this. I won’t just be
needing money, but I am also going to need you, I am going to need your time. I am going to need your attention, and this won’t be done overnight.
This is not a machine, this is not a product, and I don’t have a coaching program. I am doing all the work. Here is how the relationship starts. After initial payment have been completed, the first thing we need to do is meet. I need you to come to Worcester, MA. We spend about a day and half together. We will meet in the afternoon. I will ask you a whole bunch of questions.
I will follow a thorough process to understand….
• who you are,
• why you are,
• what you are,
• where you are,
• where should you be going,
• what can we do together to help you win, and what’s
the probability of winning. I need a total of 14 hours of in-person time just for whiteboarding, talking, and making decisions at a very detailed, tactical level. This is a retreat for your business, and it will
make you tired. The fee for the initial consultation is $1,500. At the end of the consultation, if you think that it wasn’t worth your money and time, we will happily refund your initial consultation fee. No questions asked. If you decide to move forward, the fee for the ultimate marketing makeover is $26,500 (Including the initial consultation fee of $1,500). As soon as we begin working on the marketing makeover, another thing that I encourage my client to use is my monthly marketing managed care services, anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 a month. It gives you the luxury of having me and my entire team becoming your marketing department, so you will never have a lack of resources. You can do whatever the hell you want to do, when you want to do it. Oh, you want to exhibit such and such event? Done. All the pre-event research is done, the marketing plan is developed. We would buy the list of attendee leads, send out a three-step direct mail, have them pre-register on the landing page to capture so they can RSVP to come and meet with you, so we will have them pre-register to meet you at the booth. You will have
a gift waiting for them. We can begin having conversation with them before you go to the show, and you can meet with them while you are there. We would have a special gift or prize that people can win. If they stop by your booth, a lead follow-up system is in place; you would scan the business cards of anyone who stops by the booth, the data would be entered in your Infusionsoft, and email sequences would go out to persuade them to schedule an appointment and bring them into your selling cycle.

How long does it take?

It can take between six weeks and six months, depending mostly on you.

What do I have to do?

You will need to write, or you will work with a writer that you hire. You will need to approve the content. You will be approving the strategy.
The most important thing is that this is your business, and I need to capture your spirit and show it to the world as intended by you. I am creating your avatar in paper, pixel, and plastic. I can’t do that without you. So when I need you, I need you. I will be asking for your private email that goes to your cellphone number. I will ask for your cellphone number, and when I need you I will ask for an appointment. We also expect that you read what we give you and you give us feedback on time. If you don’t, we will nudge you. If you don’t respond to a nudge, we will nudge you aggressively. If you don’t respond to our aggressive nudge, we will wait for you and we will wait for your attention. Now we also expect you to be happy. This is not a black box. This is built to your taste, to your satisfaction. So if you don’t like something, we expect you to tell us, so we can fix it. You are not wasting our time. If I need to scrap something and start it over, I am going to do that. You don’t have to be reasonable, you have to be happy.
If you are unhappy, you have the right to ask for your money back. So you have to make a conscious and timely effort to play your role and tell me what it takes to make you happy. That’s my deliverable. If you are writing your own copy, or if you are going to do something in Wordpress or Infusionsoft, we expect that you report that to our project manager. When I say you, it means your entire ecosystem (you may have other ad agencies, you may have staff members, you may have other vendors, etc.). We need to include the mass one cohesive force, one united front towards the common goal. But when you buy my system, by default you are putting me as an admin of your entire theater. You, your staff, your vendors, and their staff, will report to my project manager, my production manager, and my timeline. That’s what you have to do.

Why should I go through this?

Well, at the end of the day, my process does four things:

Get customers, keep customers, get projects / contracts, and get referrals. If I don’t do it, somebody else will have to do it, or it will not get done. The core purpose of implementing
a marketing automation system is reducing dependency on humans and putting a system in place, which does its job day in and day out. Have you watched Spongebob Squarepants? He makes Krabby Patties. There is no system to it. There are no standards to it. There’s no process to it. That’s why Mr. Krabs only has one location.

Any ad agency will sell you whatever it is that you're asking them for. Not many out there will offer you what you really need. Lead generation is not as critical as lead conversion. Any decent marketing communications company, will have a capacity to generate the leads at the top of your funnel. If you do not have an adequate conversion theater, if you do not have your people, paper, pixel, and plastic tastefully organized, you will always be dependent on the skills of other people. I can program paper, I can program plastic, and I can program pixels. I cannot program people. People need to do what I tell them to do. If you had a choice, who would you rather depend on, paper, pixel, and
plastic, or people? Your call.

How does it work?

Well, it’s simple: You pay, I work, you watch. Once you pay, it’s my responsibility to take you or drag you to the finish line. We work together, after we are engaged for the marketing. How does the consultation work? We schedule a day, you get on a plane or in your car, you come over or I'll go to you. Before that, you want to FedEx me any or all marketing materials that you have. Send me a list of your URLs that you own. Get me a list of all your
people who are involved in your marketing lead generation, lead conversion, and any other humans that I should know about, and what role they play. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.
- Basically, get me into your world before we meet. If you have done direct mail marketing before, you probably would have received some returned mail that was undeliverable. Send that mail to me. If you have very large pieces of mail, just peel off the yellow sticker that the post office puts on. I want to read your sticker. When I look at your returned direct mail, it gives me a certain amount of information about the health of your data and
your list and stuff like that. It prepares me for our conversation when you come.
- I need a total of fourteen hours. You will be here for a two-night stay! If there’s anything else that you want to work on while you are here, bring it with you. I don’t do anything else except take care of you when you are on the floor. We call it client-onthe- floor. When we have client-on-the-floor, I will my complete attention towards you. Anything that you want goes into my mindmap. At the end of our discussion, I print those big mindmaps and give
you copies to put on your wall and check things off as we get them done for you.

How does the marketing makeover work?

- I have a team of direct marketers, data scientists, graphic designers, direct marketers, computer programmers, and Infusionsoft programmers.
- The only people who we don’t have on staff are the people who write copy. I am the best English man that my company has. I don’t write. If you downloaded and read one of my eBooks; I didn’t write it. I worked with a business that provides copywritting services to top500 comanies.
- As long as you are willing to write the English part, we have you covered for everything else.
- There are five elements of marketing at a DNA level: Arts, linguistics, time, money, and data. I am an expert at time, money and data. I have in-house resources to do art that whacks me up on time, money, and data. - Once we get started, we need what I call a cooling-off period of about four to nine days. That’s how much time I need to huddle with my team and dissect what I promised you. You will start hearing from my team members, who will basically be looking at their roles and what they need to do.

How do I get ROI on my investment?

Well, you may or may not get ROI on your investment. Your money is truly at risk. The first thing I ask people is how bad it will hurt if they have to write off the investment that they are making. I do not have a silver bullet, I do not have a magic pill. I can’t wave a magic wand. We will take steps to mitigate risks, we will use common sense as our guide, but your money is truly at risk. I am on the edge of my seat until we reach the first fiscal milestone. I want our relationship to be a zero-sum game.
My first goal is to sell at least one treatment so that you are getting money in your hands out of our joint efforts. I am looking for that much money in the vicinity using common sense test before I encourage someone to buy. If I am not comfortable, I will tell you that I am worried that it is not going to work. I cannot predict success, but I can predict failure with precision accuracy. If I tell you something is going to fail, take my word for it–it will not work. So call it a blessing, call it a curse, but I have acapacity to tell you something is not going to work out. The second milestone I have is a three-times return. If I you are investing $3,000 with me, you need to generate $9,000 in revenue, because you are going to have an overhead, and you are going to have the cost of goods sold, and you are going to have an expectation of profit. So you are determining whether or not you want to continue working with me, whether or not you want to fire me, or whether you are happy or not. Rember this, What is generating three times the cost of it, and what is generating under three times? Anything generating over three times, is a jackpot. We standardize it, we systemize it, and we keep doing that and we tell the rest of the tribe. For anything that is doing less than three times, we keep tweaking it until we reach that magic three times goal. I am not promising you three times, and I am not promising you a positive ROI. I am not promising you that you will make a dime out of the money that you are investing in me. I am just telling that you will be happy with our relationship. If you are not, I will invite you to ask me for your money back, and if you do so, somebody in your immediate vicinity probably will pick up the scraps of the pieces that I have built. That’s what I have to say on ROI.

Once this is implemented, what work does my staff have to do?

We will discuss that in great detail at the initial consultation. That depends on your staff, that depends on their technical aptitude, and that also depends on how much work is deliberately assigned to your humans by the system.
Most businesses work like this: They start with a human, give the human some apparatus, put together a workflow in the system, and as the business grows, they add more humans. Then those humans bring their own appliances and apparatuses, and the data flows where it may.
In my system framework, we start from the end. We build a data system, we defer the apparatus to the data system, and we defer the humans to the apparatus. In this way data is in control of the humans.
Out of 465 things that your marketing machine will do, eleven to fifteen are assigned to your humans, but humans still have to do their work.
As they say in the military, the Air Force can soften the targets, but the battles are won by the infantry. Your humans will have an obligation to consume this machine;
I need their conceptual buy-in, and I need their heart in it. They will have to pick up the phone and call the prospect. They will have to close the deal. No matter how hard I
work to perfect your paper, pixel, and plastic theater, your people will always remain your single biggest asset. And I don’t program your humans, I only work on paper, pixel,
and plastic.

Why do you have a monthly maintenance fee?

Once your plane is built, where would you rather sit, in the cockpit or in the cabin where someone else is flying and you are minding your own business? Most people want to outsource the day-to-day maintenance of a complex marketing machine that has a lot of moving parts. If you have the skills to manage an in-house or outsourced marketing management team, you will not need our monthly maintenance program. Our process is not magical. It’s all common-sense-driven. I have an assembly line approach. I can do something in one hour that will take you four hours. I have teams in
India, America, and in multiple locations that work as one cohesive force that allows me to day in and day out deploy your marketing management system.
Imagine driving home from work, picking up the phone to call me, and saying, “Hey, I want to do campaign number 23 to list segment six in the next two weeks.” You and I know exactly what we are talking bout. That’s what you get for monthly maintenance. If you don’t see a value in it, or if you have someone else who can do the work that we do at the price we charge, we will cheerfully hand over the keys to your team. We will show them what we do, we will teach them how we do it, and we will be available as a backup if your team fumbles or needs.
Or you might want to in-source everything internally, and have me as a consultant; then you can talk to me about what you want to do differently today. You have a lot of options. We don’t have a contract. The monthly maintenance is a month-to-month agreement. We bill on the fifth of every month. As long as you tell me on or before 30th of the month to stop charging you next month, then we will not charge you next month.

Do you do SEO?

Although some of our service include SEO ready content, and we will help you to build SEO ready Pilar Pages. To this question I have to say that we do not offer SEO as a service, we don’t do social media integration, and we don’t do reputation management. We can coach and teach you or your team on how to repourpose your own existing resources to produce effective SEO content. But if you need these services on a regular basis I highly recommend trained professionals who are extremely good at them.
I can help you evaluate a companies so you can find one that eats, sleeps, and breathes SEO, social media, and reputation management that comes with the same passion for marketing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee like me.

How do you integrate Infusionsoft with my business management system?

We have sisters companies that are Infusionsoft Certified and whom we talk with. If the
bridge is small the system will extract data overnight. The campaigns are engineered to have APIs to trigger. What that means is that even emails can go automatically, as soon as I update the data from your business management system.
If a bridge does not exist between your business management system and Infusionsoft already, one can be built, for a small fee. You always rent the bridge; so it doesn’t cost much to build a bridge, you just pay a small initiation fee and a monthly fee, and we will decide when and which bridge to buy. If you have multiple locations, you will need to buy multiple bridges.

What do I do with the communication system I’ve have now?

We will look into it, what it is doing, and we will look at what Infusionsoft can do. Together we will decide whether or not you are going to keep that particular software in that particular role or not. Some of the functions can be shifted into Infusionsoft, so some of them will continue.
Certain decisions will be made by you, some will be made by your staff, and some obviously we will decide if we are going to have that or not. Sometimes we are going to have as few systems as possible, and that’s the rule.

How do you generate leads?

• Targeted direct mail marketing
• Internal marketing referral system
• External referral marketing referral system
• Online marketing
• Social media
• Targeted multi-step direct mail
• Targeted every door direct mail
• Internal client referral marketing
• Coop marketing
• Pre- and post-event marketing

What marketing methods do you NOT use?

We do not do social media marketing, we do not do radio, we do not do television. We do not do public relations. We do not do space/print advertising. We do not do outdoor advertising, and we do not do vehicle wraps.

Why do you always recommend Infusionsoft by Keap?

I have always been a systems implementation guy. I have worked on CRMs like PeopleSoft CRM, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua, SalesForce.com, and others. I am a Keap and Infusionsoft Certified Partner. I have worked on multiple e-commerce platforms including Magento, and others. There are lots of shopping carts in the market. I have worked on several email marketing systems in the market like Exact Target, Constant Contact, Mailer Mailer, vertical response, etc. I love them all. They all serve a purpose in life.
What I like about Infusionsoft is that it is a single SQL database that has tentacles in e-commerce, email marketing, response catcher, auto-response, marketing automation, and an open API so that I can push/pull data into anything. There are other players in that field,
and Infusionsoft happens to be the least expensive. It at $199 per month depending on the amount of contacts and what applications you have. You can’t beat that.
You hit the ground running, and I have all data in one place. It has integration with Salesforce.com, and with app exchange you can do almost anything. It has an API
integration with your data in multiple SQL tables. How many places you want your data to be copied and stored? When you have one central database, it reduces your risk
of data contamination. Plus, I have a team that is wired to work on Infusionsoft. I have training materials so that I can train my people, my interns, and your staff members. Infusionsoft used to be a group of partners; they used to be called the Infusionsoft Certified Partners, since the company changed name in 2019 now we're call Keap Certified Partners (KCPs), and we are a small yet growing community of friends. I can put money on the table and reach out to any Infusinosoft consultant who will move in and take care of any problem.
It’s a great ecosystem; there are more than 500 of us, and there are tens of thousands of customers. There is enough business to go around, so KCPs are eager to help each other. They have built a culture of caring and sharing, and they have standardized the protocol for automation. If you fire me and hire another KCC, somebody else will be able to pick that up and able to run that. That’s why I recommend Infusionsoft. I am familiar with it, I am comfortable with it, I like it, and it doesn’t hamper my speed. Do I have a capacity to work on A.Weber?
Absolutely. Do I have the capacity to work on any other tool? Sure, but I will probably talk you out of it.

What is chaos to clarity?

Usually a business owner will want to have multiple conversations at the same time and therefore they end up not describing anything.
They might say, “I want to do social media, but before social media I need a website made, and how do social media and the website work together, and how am I going to capture the data?” while the conversation was supposed to be about something else.
That is information chaos, and we all do it because a business owner’s mind races million miles an hour. So how do you go from chaos to clarity? The answer is by adequately mind-mapping your thoughts. I use several software programs. I use an iPad app called Ithought. I use software called Imindmap.com by Bizan. These two applications help me catalogue and display my thoughts, your thoughts, our thoughts, and anything that can and should be done for you. We also can mindmap the notes from a brainstorming session.
This allows the person to look at visual representation of their thoughts on the wall so they can dive deeper into the specifics of what they want. It helps to rule out a bad idea as being bad, and it helps you jump from topic to topic and still catalogue what you had in mind. This is how you go from chaos to clarity.

Who comes up with the content?

Content is a touchy subject. There are experts who know how to write, but someone needs to be skilled to capture the spirit of your practice and display it in a way
that only you or someone better than you can display it.

You don’t want to outsource it for the sake of saving time. You want to in-source it and seek the assistance of a content concierge who will help you follow the principles of persuasion. There are lots of books written on how to write content. Robert Cialdini wrote several books on the psychology of persuasion. Dan Kennedy wrote books and even has a formula for how to write content. You should study this material so you are in the right mindset. You can write your own copy if you feel that you are comfortable, or our copy concierge will work with you.
Yes, we will have someone write for you. It is not something we do internally; we outsource it. We have other companies that we work with. I have access to all kinds of copy writers, but there is one firm that we work with very closely, and if you need
assistance, we will give you a referral. Our prices do not include copy writers because we expect the clients to provide the content. Content means copy, images that need to be purchased, and videos that need to be shot or bought. We will help you come up with what content you need, and then someone will come up with the content, but most of it will come from your heart.

What if I need videos?

There are three kinds of videos:
1. You can take Power Point slides and add voice to it
2. You can have animated videos
3. Or someone can shoot you and edit the video. Either way the procedure is same. There needs to be:
a. A purpose for the video
b. A storyboard for the video
c. Choreography for the video
d. Drafts you may need for the video
e. Scripts for the video
f. A rehearsal
We will help you think through these steps and then have someone who will do the work for you. You may have a videographer, or you may have a vendor in your area who
is perfectly capable of shooting anything, but you need to give them the context, and we will be happy to provide that.
We also work with several studios in the country who understand our mindset. If we need to fly someone in to location, or fly you out to a studio, we can arrange that— but the cost to do anything on the video is usually not included in the price that we charge. The consultation on the things that we do to help you come up with what you need for your video, and all the other things we will be able to help you provide, that is included in the fee.

How much work do I have to do?

A lot. Even though it is a done-for-you service, we are working on you. It is your business, so at times you will find the amount of work that you will have to do even after paying for our fees, you will find it frustrating. It is important that you understand your role and play your role well. If you don’t, what we do for you will not deliver what it is supposed to do. So all in all, you should think about how much work you think you will have to do after you hire us, and triple that. We will help you manage your workload, we will nurture you in and out the project; we have systems in place to help you do what you need to do. We have procedures, systems, and applications in place that will help you manage your workload. We will not leave you alone. We will tell you exactly what needs to be done, and someone will be there to assist you to do what you need to do, but you will have to do your share of work. There are certain things you just cannot outsource.

Who is in charge of the process?

We are. We have a dedicated project manager who will be running the project, and he will be in charge of the project management dashboard. You, your staff, and the other vendors will be reporting to this one master dashboard of the master task list. So there will be one person who is in charge of everything at DMCrafters.

Common mistakes a construction or architectural design busines would make when either trying to do their own marketing or hiring another firm?

1. They don’t begin with the end state or a goal state in mind. 2. They don’t have a clear expectation as to what they want, what it will do for them, and why it is important and what is important about that.
3. The win conditions and the end state goals are not clearly defined.
4. The most important thing is they don’t have an idea as to what constitutes the failure and what constitutes a successful implementation of a project.
5. One more thing most people don’t do well is they don’t plan. They don’t plan out a project end-to end or have an inventory of what needs to be done. This creates a situation where you don’t have enough resources, you did not have enough capacity, you did not have enough money, you did not have enough time, or you just did not think through the project to get all the elements in place therefore your project will not deliver. This creates
what we call a mess.

There are lot of companies that claim to do a number of things that you do. Why are you better?

I don’t claim to be better than anybody. I am who I am. I do what I do, and my clients love me for what I do. What I do is not rocket science; it is an applied common sense. I do what can and should be done for your business, and I help build an assembly line approach to marketing automation and marketing implementation.
A lot of companies understand marketing; some understand it better than me. Lots of companies do beautiful websites, some much better than me. Almost all of them can do better work than I can with the English language. Having worked in science and engineering for more than 10 years, the here are two things that I am really good at. The scientific approach to marketing, I am a data oriented professional, and I understand the correlation between data and money better than anybody else.
While a lot of people can do something, and a lot of people know how to do something as good or better than me, you will find that I know what to do better than anybody else, but I need to be humble about this. Many people can do what we do, and they can do it extremely well, and some can do it for significantly less money than we can. So, you need to be 100 percent confident that this relationship that you and I are about to build together is really meant to be. I don’t want to engage in a relationship that you or I will regret, so if there is someone else who can do what I do that you are more comfortable with, then hire them for aportion of it, and if it does not work out, we will be happy to move in and clean it up for you or do whatever it takes to get it to the finish line.


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